Group salsa lessons are a fun and economical way to learn while meeting new people.

This is a great option for those looking to de-stress and have a good time while learning to dance at a low cost.

No partners or schedule commitments required.


Use the calendar below or download our app to reserve your group salsa lesson today!




CLASS: Intro

Monday through Saturday at 7PM

Objective - Master Timing

Perfect for first-timers. All ages welcome.

Let's have fun finding the rhythm together!


CLASS: Partnerwork

Monday through Saturday at 7PM

Objective - Learn Something New while Getting Fit

Now that we have mastered dancing alone, let's dance together! All levels and ages welcome.

Learning something new with an instructor has never been so much fun!



Tuesday and Friday at 8PM

Objective - Have Fun and Experience Community

Join the family and become part of something bigger than yourself!

Learn to express while enjoying the exploration of different Latin rhythms.



Monday at 5PM

Objective - Play, Laugh, and Grow

These happy little ones (ages 2-4) enjoy creative movement, music, and self-expression

while learning to make friends, and build character.



Monday and Wednesday at 6PM

Objective - Have Fun and Explore in a Disciplined Dance Environment

Exercise character development and teamwork to increase confidence, coordination, memory, and self-esteem while learning values such as consideration, honesty, and respect while practicing body control in a loving setting.


LESSON: Beginners

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday at 8PM

Objective - Master Connection

Learn the techniques of leading and following. Here you learn to move as one unit, an essential part of all partner dancing!


LESSON: Intermediate

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday at 8PM

Objective - Master Communication

You've learned to lead/follow. Now let's build our dance repertoire to kill it on the dance floor!


TRAIN: Advanced (Invitation Only)

Objective - Master Creativity

This class is no joke. Seperate yourself from the competition by taking your learning hands-on.

Here we apply both the tangible and intangible principles to create successful dance experiences each and every time.




Unlimited Classes for a One-Time Fee of ONLY $100

Includes dance shoes/heels of your choice.

Members enjoy 'Intro' and 'Partnerwork' Salsa group lessons FOR LIFE!

Classes are available Monday through Saturday at 7PM.

Welcome to the family!



Club Membership                                                        $100

     -One Month of Club Practice


Royal Membership                                                        $100

     -One Month of Technique Lessons for Kids or Adults


Royal Package                                                              $100

     -Ten Technique Lessons for Kids or Adults


Kindership                                                                   $40

     -One Month of Kinderdance Lessons (ages 2-4)


Daily Single / Double                                                    $20 / $30
     -One or Two Classes that Expire at Day's End